Meet Brad, a father, a husband, and a sales manager for Frontier Communities.

Family time

Brad got his start in the real estate industry when he was young. In fact, his grandfather owned a real estate firm in Riverside, which inspired his decision to enter the field. Now Brad has a 15-year career in commercial and residential real estate, during which time he’s earned many industry awards and has worked on projects near and far.

While he takes great pride in the industry awards, it’s connecting with homeowners that means the most to Brad. When asked what he wishes more people knew about homebuilders, he said:

“I wish more people knew that we genuinely care about our homeowners and strive to do right by them from start to finish.”

Striving to exceed homeowners’ needs and expectations is something he does every day at Frontier, a privately-owned homebuilder in the Inland Empire.

When Brad’s not in the office or working with his sales team to hone their skills, he can be found spending time with family and friends while water or snow skiing, golfing, or hanging out at Canyon Lake or on the Colorado River.

At Kaaboo

“I’m passionate about real estate, homeownership and teaching sales skills. The topics intrigue me and I am continually seeking opportunities to learn and grow,” added Brad.

As a kid and teenager, some of Brad’s heroes were John Elway of the Denver Broncos, Tony Robbins, Johnny Cash, Ronald Reagan and Tony Hawk.

“These icons inspired me to strive for greatness in all I do,” he said.