Meet Shanel, a Waterloo, Iowa transplant and sales representative for Frontier Communities. A kind and loving individual who treats people with respect and believes “a smile can make someone’s day,” Shanel brings warmth and wisdom to the Frontier family.

As a little girl, Shanel enjoyed touring model homes with her family, which ultimately brought her to Frontier.

“We would pretend like we were buying one and pick out our rooms! I loved it. Those little memories helped mold my decision to enter the field years later. I’ve always loved model homes.”

Now three years into her residential sales career, Shanel is helping other families discover their future home.

“I love helping families find their dream home because it’s an exciting and important time in their lives. I’m patient with homebuyers and make myself available at all times so they know they can trust me and that I’ll be with them throughout the entire homebuying process.”

Shanel provides honest and helpful feedback to her prospective homeowners and colleagues, and takes every opportunity to learn and grow herself.

“I admire people who are debt-free and running businesses. I love go-getters and people who are breaking generational curses and setting their families up for success. Those are wise people I look up to and aspire to be!”

When Shanel isn’t helping homeowners or inspiring others at the office, she can be found indulging in fashion, eating her favorite holiday dish, sweet potato pie with Cool Whip, or watching her movie of choice, Love and Basketball.

In the future, the Frontier sales representative plans to visit Bora Bora. For now, we’re happy to have her with us in the Inland Empire!