Faces of Frontier: Meet Deborah

New home owner Deborah in front of her new home wearing a mask

There is a story behind every face. Meet Frontier homeowner Deborah. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of reaching into your mailbox to discover a handwritten envelope addressed to you, at your new address. Right now, seeing a personalized envelope or package, amid coupons and bills, is more meaningful than ever, especially when it comes…

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Faces of Frontier Communities: Susan Thompson

New Home Sales Associate Susan Thompson

At Frontier, we’re all about the people, and that starts from within. We’d like to introduce you to one of our new-home sales associates, Susan, who has been with us for a year. Susan was born and raised in the Antelope Valley, and is now helping families discover the possibility of homeownership at Diamond Ridge…

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Frontier Means Family: Three Sisters Work Side by Side at Homebuilding Company

Nancy Del Salto and Adriana Zaragoza stand by Asher Ranch sign in front of new home sales center with pink helmets on

Sisters Nancy, Adriana and Connie never imagined they’d be working side by side at a homebuilding company. As kids, they shared chores, and years later, they are sharing best practices as new-home sales consultants for Frontier Communities. The trio was born and raised in California, and now they’re dedicating their careers to helping others enjoy…

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