Backyard Design Ideas

backyard design with patio and outdoor fireplace

Wine bar or playground – the lay of the land depends on you

A place to chill or warm up for your workout – designing your backyard depends on your family’s lifestyle and recreational preferences. Like the home you just built, the chance to design your own yard opens up a world of new options.

Making Your Property Personal

The decisions you make about the layout of your yard can be surprisingly similar to the thought you put into your interior spaces. Before ordering a patio set, planting a garden or rolling out sod, you need to complete the design phase. One idea is to divide areas of the yard into different “rooms,” imagining each with a unique purpose. It creates some structure around making decisions that are both practical and pleasing.

When new home communities have pools, athletic courts and barbecue areas, you don’t have to make room for those features in your personal space. It frees you up to choose other favorites – the features you most want to experience when you open the back door.

Small Yards

You don’t need a space the size of a football field to create a setting that’s relaxing, beautiful and has enough room for play. Some layouts serve you better when they are planned for more intimate spaces.

If you love the cozy patio of your favorite restaurant, create the same feeling in your own backyard. (It may save you money in the long run.)

Water features in new homes for sale are always a good idea. Riverside, Kern and San Bernardino new homes are a little far from the beach, but you can gain the health benefits of having daily access to your own water source. Including fountains or ponds in your design will add the pleasing ambience that moving water provides. 

Mid-Sized Yards

If you’re looking at new homes in Jurupa Valley or the San Bernardino area, you may be planning to stay for many years. In that case, your yard design needs to contain flexible features as future life events unfold.

With an average sized yard, you have a lot of options. A gazebo can provide a shady place for reading and second as a stage for future nuptials. Or as parents with young children, you can build a sandbox which is easily converted to a garden or koi pond down the road.

Many new homes in the Inland Empire accommodate all ages, with enough yard space for a moderate-sized swimming pool plus patio seating.

Pool-Sized Yards

If you plan to spend a lot of time at the community pool, you may not feel you need to double your pleasure with a personal swimming hole in the backyard. For larger lots, it leaves you with an opportunity to purchase sizable patio furniture, build an overhang or satisfy more than one of your favorite features.

New construction homes often have a spa-like master bath, but an outdoor jacuzzi tub means you can break out both kinds of bubbly with your friends.

A fire pit with a seating arrangement that’s deep and wide may be the best plan imaginable. You can invest in some padded chaise lounge chairs to make the “ahhh factor” complete.

The best ideas are those that cater to your personal style. Whether you’re a single stargazer or a young family who plans to use every square inch of space, your backyard needs to be the kind of retreat you desire.