Best Bonus Room Ideas

bonus room office for family

Are you seeking fun design ideas for your spare bedroom? A room with a view is easy to enjoy but finding a vision for your that spare room takes some extra consideration. When looking at new home communities in Riverside, San Bernardino or Kern counties, you may be considering a house that leaves you room to grow. An extra space such as a loft or spare bedroom can do more than house your guests – it can also open up room in your life for a new hobby or shift in lifestyle.

Home Office

A lot of new homes in San Bernardino are built with the remote workforce in mind. Inland Empire home buying is sometimes a move that takes families further from the workplace, but it can be a personal and financial benefit when it means less time on the road and more days working from your home office.

Game Room

If the kids can disappear for a Fortnite playing Legend of Zelda or Halo, your spare room can become Grand Central Station for video gaming and at the same time be home room for study hall. The space can also serve teens and kids with sports storage – making it their locker room before heading to football practice or soccer matches.

Play Room

Young families looking for new homes for sale in Kern County, San Bernardino and Riverside need plenty of space for playtime. Implement some cost-cutting ideas from Pinterest or search for age-appropriate toys. New construction homes offer a range of options such as flooring and paint choices that make playtime clean-up a breeze.


When wordplay is your idea of fun, an expansive library is a better use of your extra space. Avid readers can line the walls with their favorite books using built-in shelving or charming bookcases. There are also plenty of options if you just want to look “book smart,” from library graphics on wallpaper to furniture showcasing vintage reference materials.

Workout Center

When the best fit is fitness, your room can become an active center for you and your family. Bring in your favorite workout equipment – new homes in Kern County and San Bernardino have sizable spaces for your elliptical, a treadmill or stationary bike. Include your favorite electronics and your workout routine becomes more entertaining too.

Yoga Studio

If you feel “right at ohm” in downward dog or child pose, you can make the bonus room a personal space for yoga and meditation. All you need is the bare minimum – neutral wall colors, streamlined furnishings and comfortable floor mats.

Sewing Room/Art Studio

A bonus room is a blank canvas. If you quilt, knit, crochet or enjoy other forms of crafting, you no longer have to set up a workstation to dive in. Adelanto new homes and other new home communities have extra room so you can express yourself. You can set up an easel or make it a video or photographic studio too. If you work with film the closet can serve as a dark room.

Music Room

Every resident wants harmony at home. If yours comes in three parts, you can jazz up your bonus room with musical instruments and other accoutrements to amplify your favorite art form.

Don’t play down the advantages of an extra bedroom when shopping for new construction homes in Riverside, San Bernardino and Kern counties. You can reserve it for guests or give it a second job – make it an office plus a comfortable space for your favorite hobby.